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The Foundation of Exceptional Sausage Making

Catering to Every Sausage-Making Need

At Exim, we understand the importance of quality casings in creating the perfect sausage. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of both natural and artificial casings. Tailored to meet the specific demands of butchery professionals, our range encompasses everything from traditional to hog, beef and sheep, as well as cellulose and other artificial casings.

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Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 N (Halaal)


Casings Sheep Longs Cal 24 N (Halaal)


Casings Sheep Longs Cal 22 N [500] (Halaal)


Casings Salami 50×50 x25’s Plain


Casings Hog Longs We28 Econo


Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 (Non-Halaal)


Natural Casings: Authenticity and Quality

Our natural casings are sourced both globally and locally to ensure top-notch quality and authenticity. We cater to a variety of dietary needs, with separate Halaal and non-Halaal divisions in our plant, ensuring every butcher finds the perfect casing for their sausage creations.

Raw sausage with rosemary and garlic.

Artificial Casings: Uniformity and Convenience

For butchers who value consistency and ease of use, our range of artificial casings, including collagen, cellulose and plastic, is ideal. We are also the exclusive distributors of iPeel casings. Our team ensures we are at the forefront of offering innovative and high-standard solutions in the market.

Vienna sausages.