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Butcher's Essentials: The Backbone of Your Craft

Your Butchery Partner in Success

At Exim, we’re more than just suppliers; we’re partners in your butchery journey. Our range of requisites caters to every aspect of butchery, combining top-notch quality with practical usability. Whether you’re the local neighbourhood butcher or a master of the craft, our tools and supplies are designed to enhance your daily grind.

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Biltong Plastic Hooks X100’s


Blades Exim Boxed 112(X3 Blades Per Box)


Blades Econocut 112


Knife Butchers Curved Black


Knife Boning Blue


Knife Boning Yellow


Knife Boning Red


Knife Boning Black


Cutting Tools: Your Butchery's Right Hand

Sharp, durable, and reliable – our selection of knives, bandsaw blades, and cleavers are tailored for precision and ease. Crafted for the South African butcher, these tools will help you slice through the busiest of days with finesse and speed.


Safety & Cleanliness: Non-Negotiables in Your Trade

We understand the importance of safety and hygiene in your workspace. From sturdy aprons to protective gum boots and sanitary mop caps, our gear keeps you safe, compliant, and comfortable, no matter how long the day.

butcher footwear

Professional Product Display

Your meat’s presentation is as important as its cut. Our range ensures your products are displayed attractively, maintaining freshness and drawing in customers with a professional look.


Everything a Butcher Needs, Just a Click Away

Discover the convenience of online shopping with Exim. Our extensive selection of butcher requisites is available online, offering competitive prices and dependable quality. Browse at your leisure and find everything your butchery needs to thrive.