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Recipe : Toad In The Hole With Russian Sausages


Toad In The Hole With Russian Sausages

While our smoking equipment is on special, we thought we would pop in a recipe for one of SA’s favourite sausages, the Russian sausage. Toad in the Hole is a traditional British recipe but is made far more delicious with a spicy russian. This is a spin on the old British classic. And no, it’s not with an actual toad! This delicious and easy meal with russians and fluffy batter is a hearty and cheap option that will become a family favourite.

Ingredients :

4-6 Russian Sausages

For the batter :

200g Flour

200ml Egg (approx 4 eggs)

200ml Milk

Pinch of salt

Oil for the pan

Method :

Make the batter an hour in advance by mixing all the ingredients together and leaving to rest at room temperature. Once rested, heat the oven to 230°C.

In a baking dish, add a little oil to the bottom to adequately cover the surface. Then heat the tray in an oven for about 10 min.

Remove the tray, lay the Russian sausages in the dish and coat with oil then quickly pour batter in the hot oil around the sausages to just over a centimetre high. It is important to do this while the oil is piping hot. Immediately put it back in the oven and cook until the batter has risen and is golden and crispy. This should take approximately 25-30 minutes.

Toad in the Hole should always be served with a gravy, preferably a rich onion gravy, and served with vegetables.

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