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Grill Club Texan Burger 1kg


Medium flavour profile comprised mainly of beef and BBQ notes, with a little onion and garlic to compliment the savoury notes.

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Wheat (gluten), Cow’s milk and Sulphur Dioxide

May Contain: Soya, Mustard &/ or Celery

Up to 24 months when stored under cool, dry conditions, in an insect free environment.


Store under cool, dry conditions, in an insect free environment.

Meat 7.00kg
Fat 3.00kg
Water 2.00kg
Spice Pack 1.00kg
TOTAL 13.00kg

Cereals [Wheat (gluten)](Maize), Flavourants [Salt, Spices (irradiated)[Wheat (gluten)], Flavour enhancers (MSG), Dextrose, Whey powder (Cow’s milk), Starch, Maize starch, Flavourings [Wheat (gluten)], Hydrolysed vegetable protein (Maize), Rice flour, Herb, Ascorbic acid, Anti-caking agent, Colourants, Spice extracts, Acidity regulator], Maize flour, Salt, Dextrose, Emulsifier, Spices (irradiated), Flavour enhancers (MSG), Preservative [Sodium Sulphite (Sulphur Dioxide)], Sodium Erythorbate, Vegetable oil (Canola)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24,5 × 2 cm


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