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Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 (Non-Halaal)


Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 are high-quality, natural sheep casings recognized for their durability, elasticity, and ability to enhance the flavor of various sausage products. Sourced from carefully selected sheep, these natural casings are meticulously cleaned, prepared, and preserved to meet the rigorous standards of butchers, charcuterie artisans, and sausage makers.

With a caliber size of 26, these sheep casings are ideal for creating a wide range of sausage products, from traditional breakfast links to specialty sausages. Their natural composition ensures a tender bite and a uniform cooking experience, making them a preferred choice for those seeking to produce premium sausages with authentic taste and texture.

Perfect for both commercial and artisanal applications, Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 offer the reliability and quality needed for sausage making. They are not only strong enough to withstand the filling process without tearing but also flexible enough to accommodate various filling densities, ensuring a consistent and professional finish.

Whether you’re a seasoned sausage maker or a culinary enthusiast exploring the art of sausage making, Casings Sheep Longs Cal 26 provide the essential component needed to craft delicious, high-quality sausages that are sure to impress.

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24-26 mm

+/- 27 to 30kg


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Weight 0,464 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 11,5 cm


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