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Sausage Spices

Spice Up Your Butchery With Our Expert Blends

The Secret Ingredient for Unmatched Quality

Exim’s sausage spices are specially crafted for butchers and meat processors, providing an essential element to transform any meat selection. Whether crafting traditional boerewors, gourmet sausages, or pre-packed marinated meats, our spices are the key to unlocking extraordinary flavors.

Our blends are ideal not just for butcheries but also for catering, deli counters, and home kitchen enthusiasts looking for professional-grade quality.

Beef BBQ Sausage Spice

Perfect for a classic BBQ flavor, this blend melds coriander, nutmeg, ginger, and clove, ideal for enhancing your beef sausage offerings.

Fresh prepared sausages put in casing placed on wooden table

Beef Traditional Sausage Spice

A timeless taste with black pepper and nutmeg, accented with coriander and ginger – a staple for any butcher’s beef sausage range.

Crop senior woman sewing sausage casing of pork guts

Spicy Mutton Sausage Spice

Bring a bit of heat to your mutton sausages with this fiery blend of white pepper, chillies, and paprika, balanced with garlic and onion.

Woman working in a butchery, wearing protective clothes and gloves, filling a casing with Chorizo

Traditional Pork Sausage Spice

A blend focused on white pepper and sage, complemented by nutmeg, perfect for creating rich and flavorsome pork sausages.

Men making sausages the traditional way using sausage filler.

Discover the Full Spectrum of Flavors

Explore the potential of Exim’s sausage spices for your butchery or meat processing business. From classic breakfast sausages to innovative gourmet creations, our range offers quality, versatility, and exceptional taste. Contact us for bulk orders and elevate your meat products with Exim’s expertly crafted spice blends.

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