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Processed Meats

Spice Up Your Meat Game

The Secret's in the Spice

At Exim, we’ve got a secret for you: the right spices can turn your processed meats from ordinary to ‘talk of the town’. Whether you’re running a butchery, meat processing plant, or a bustling deli, our speciality blends are the game-changers you need. We’re talking about spicing up everything from French polony to Russian sausages, and even Vienna, with just the right kick.

French Polony Continental

Ever tried ginger with a bit of black pepper, clove, and mace in your polony? Our blend adds that perfect ‘zing’, making your French polony anything but ordinary.

Fresh prepared sausages put in casing placed on wooden table

Black Forest Russian

For a Russian with a twist, try our mix of caraway, fenugreek, black pepper, and ginger, topped off with onion and garlic. It’s the secret ingredient your customers will keep coming back for.

Hot Dog sausages

Factory Russian

Big on black pepper, onion, and garlic, with just the right touch of nutmeg and ginger, this blend adds a subtle chili warmth that’s just lekker.

Hot Dog sausages

Favourite Russian

Trust us, this one’s a winner. A classic blend of caraway, onion, nutmeg, and black pepper, with a dash of garlic and paprika. Perfect for a mouth-watering Russian sausage.

Woman working in a butchery, wearing protective clothes and gloves, filling a casing with Chorizo

Vienna Continental

Mace, clove, and black pepper take the lead in this blend, with garlic and ginger playing the perfect supporting roles. It’s the secret to a Vienna sausage that stands out.

Vienna sausages.

Raise the Bar with Exim Spices

Ready to take your processed meat products to the next level? Exim’s got your back with spices that pack a punch. Perfect for butchers, delis, and meat processors who want to offer something special. Give us a shout for bulk orders, and let’s spice up your meat range together. It’s time to make those meats memorable!

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