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Burger Spices

Transform Your Burger Offerings

Spice It Up with Exim

We know you’re always on the hunt for that extra zing to make your burgers the talk of the town. Well, you’re in luck. Exim’s here with a range of burger spices that’ll transform your patties from lekker to phenomenal. Whether it’s for your butchery, deli, or restaurant, our spices will give those burgers an unforgettable twist.

Exim Burger Spice

This one’s a classic. Mild yet rich with beefy and paprika goodness, plus a touch of garlic, celery, and caraway. It’s the secret behind those moreish burgers everyone loves.

Sweet Paprika

Pepper Burger Spice

Fancy a bit of a kick? Our Pepper Burger Spice, with its bell pepper zing and a smoky beef base, adds just the right amount of spice.


Chargrill Burger Spice

Craving that chargrilled flavour? This smoky blend, with a hint of garlic, cloves, and pepper, will transport your customers straight to a braai.

hamburgers and hotdogs cooking on flaming grill

Texan Burger Spice

For those who love it savoury, the Texan Burger Spice hits the spot. It’s beefy, it’s BBQ-y, with just the right hint of onion and garlic.

Hand's chef preparing delicious burger on grilled in the restaurant kitchen.

Make Every Burger a Masterpiece

Ready to make your burger offerings irresistible? Exim’s got you covered with spices that’ll make your burgers the star of the show. Whether you’re buying in bulk for your butchery, spicing up your restaurant’s menu, or stocking up for your deli, our spices are the secret ingredient you need. Let’s turn those ordinary patties into gourmet delights together!

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