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Braaiwors Spices

The Heart of South African Braais

Spice It Up with Exim

Get ready to spice up your braai game with Exim’s Braaiwors Spices. Rooted deeply in our South African barbecue heritage, these blends are more than just spices; they’re a celebration of our braai culture. Perfect for family gatherings or big bashes, our spices bring a taste of tradition to every wors.

Super Braaiwors Blend

Mixing up a storm with roasted coriander, paprika, nutmeg, and a hint of chilli, this blend doesn’t just taste lekker, it looks it too. It’s the secret behind those vibrant, tasty wors that get the crowd talking.

Super Braaiwors Blend

Karoo Wors Spice

The Karoo Wors spice is our salute to the classics. Nutmeg, clove, black pepper, and roasted coriander come together to recreate the rich aromas of a traditional South African braai.

Karoo Wors Spice

Plaaswors EXP Mix

For those who love their wors with a bit more kick, the Plaaswors EXP mix is a robust combination of coriander, clove, and black pepper, backed by subtle nutmeg notes.

Every Braai an Experience

Looking to make your braai offerings unforgettable? Whether you’re stocking up for your butchery, spicing up your restaurant’s menu, or looking for bulk orders, Exim’s Braaiwors Spices are your go-to. Let’s bring the authentic taste of South African braai to every wors and every plate. Here’s to great flavours and even better memories!

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