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Boerewors Spices

True South African Flavours

Crafting the Quintessential Boerewors

For butcheries and culinary professionals who pride themselves on offering authentic South African boerewors, Exim’s spice blends are your secret ingredient. Our selection, including the beloved Grabouw-style seasoning, is meticulously blended to capture the heart of traditional South African cuisine.

Farmstyle Boerewors

A harmonious mix with a touch of thyme, offering a medium spice level for those who appreciate a subtle kick.

Grabouw Boerewors

A delicate balance of coriander, nutmeg, clove, and pepper, this blend is for those who prefer their wors with a mild yet memorable spice.

Namakwa Boerewors

Featuring a robust combination of coriander and nutmeg, complemented by clove and pepper, this blend is all about striking that perfect flavour balance.

Namakwa Boerewors


Embrace the traditional tastes with this blend that’s rich in clove, nutmeg, pepper, and a generous helping of coriander.

Sausages variation in steel tray. Raw Sausages with Beef, pork, lamb and chicken meat.

Namib Boerewors

This well-balanced mix showcases the harmonious interplay of clove, black pepper, and coriander.

Fried sausages with sauces and herbs on a wooden serving Board.

KH Boerewors

A prominent coriander base, enhanced with nuances of nutmeg and cloves, and finished off with a light peppery zing.

Woman working in a butchery, wearing protective clothes and gloves, filling a casing with Chorizo

Boost Your Boerewors Game

Whether you’re spicing up your butchery offerings, catering for a large event, or adding a special touch to pre-packed meats, Exim’s Boerewors Spices are a must-have. With our diverse range, each batch of boerewors becomes a celebration of our rich culinary heritage. Dive into the world of authentic South African flavours with Exim.

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