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Exim’s Spices Collection

The Butcher's Choice for Quality and Versatility

Craft Exceptional Meats with Exim's Spices

Exim is dedicated to offering the finest quality spices and seasonings, expertly milled and blended in our state-of-the-art facility. Fully FSSC 22000 certified, our factory is equipped to meet the diverse requirements of the meat industry and more across South Africa. Our focus is on providing the right blend for every meat type, ensuring quality and consistency in every package.

Your Go-To Source for Spices

Whether you’re looking for spice wholesalers for your burchery, or interested in bying bulk spices online, Exim is your ultimate destination. Explore our vast selection and bring the finest flavors to your table with Exim Spices.

Speciality Meat Spice Blends

Our speciality meat spices have become favourites throughout South Africa. We offer an array of spice packs perfect for boerewors, braaiwors, burgers, sausages, biltong, droëwors and more. Our experienced team can assist with meat block selections, helping you create delicious products that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

Raw burger with spices and herbs.

Natural Herbs and Spices

Our selection includes a wide range of natural, non-irradiated, steam-treated herbs and spices.Our procurement expertise allows us to offer these high-quality ingredients at competitive prices, making them ideal for bulk purchasing and regular use in your butchery business.

Various spices

Diverse Seasoning Blends

Locally blended, our seasonings range from traditional favourites to new, innovative flavours, keeping pace with global and local food trends. Popular choices include BBQ Spice, Chip Sprinkle, Garlic & Herb, Portuguese Chicken, Masala, Lemon & Garlic, Seafood Seasoning, Braai Spice, and Steak & Chop Spice.

Half roasted chicken Piri Piri with french fries

Custom Blends

We understand every client has unique needs. Our food technologists can develop or match custom blends as per your specifications. We manufacture private label spice blends for various customers, including large retailers, meat factories, and butchery chains.

Mince, spices, green onions - the ingredients for the preparation of meat balls

Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma, a favorite for shisanyamas and sishebo’s, with its ‘all-in-one’ spice functionality. Available in bulk and for retail, our spices are a staple for adding zest to everything, making it a versatile and essential addition to any butchery or store.


Royal Spices

Catering to the needs of the hospitality industry, Royal Spices are the essential, large-pack pantry spices. Available in convenient bulk p ackaging, they’re ideal for catering businesses and restaurants looking for bulk, high-quality spices for everyday cooking.

Raw meat in a bowl

Grill Club

Grill Club spices are designed to simplify recipe preparation and meat processing while maintaining quality, which makes them ideal for butchers seeking simplicity and excellence. Don’t forget about our beautiful retail labels to streamline your meat labelling process. 

burger minimal black background

Something Saucy

Something Saucy offers a range of marinades and sauces, tailored as a vital addition for butcheries. These products are perfect for pre-packed meats in butcheries, such as ready-to-use marinated sosaties or chicken, bringing convenience and flavor to the forefront.

Pork ribs. Raw meat. Raw pork ribs in marinade with spices, rosemary, tomato sauce and garlic

Explore Exim’s World of Spices

Whether you’re a butcher in need of wholesale spices or looking to buy bulk spices online, Exim is your go-to source. Our extensive selection promises to bring the finest flavours to your meat recipes. Explore our range today and infuse your meat processing with the rich, aromatic world of Exim’s spices.

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