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Natural Casings

The Foundation of Exceptional Sausage Making

Explore Premium Natural Casings at Exim

Exim is proud to offer a diverse range of natural casings, an essential component for authentic sausage making. Our collection includes hog, sheep, and beef casings, catering to the varied preferences and needs of butchery professionals and culinary enthusiasts.

Our Halaal and non-Halaal divisions in our plant caters to a variety of dietary needs.

Hog Casings: Versatile and Popular

Our hog casings are available in options like mediums, value mediums, econos, and longs.

These casings are known for their versatility and are widely used in various sausage types. 

Crop senior woman sewing sausage casing of pork guts

Sheep Casings: High-Quality

Sheep casings stand out for their ultra-thin walls, offering less chewiness and superior ‘semi-permeable’ qualities. This ensures your sausages retain their juicy goodness while absorbing rich cooking flavors. Ideal for gourmet-style sausages, they’re the top choice for quality-focused chefs and butchers.

Fresh prepared sausages put in casing placed on wooden table

Beef Casings: Robust and Flavourful

Our beef casings are ideal for larger sausage varieties like braaiwors and polonies.

They provide a robust structure and contribute to the rich flavour profile of the sausages.

Cook fills the sausage casing with minced meat on an electric meat grinder, holding it with her hand

Enhance Your Sausage Making with Natural Casings

At Exim, we understand the importance of quality casings in sausage preparation. Our products are not just products; they are key ingredients in crafting delicious and authentic sausages. We also offer collagen casing options for those preferring an alternative to natural casings.

Explore our selection of casings today. Whether you’re a professional butcher or a culinary enthusiast, Exim’s casings will elevate your sausage-making experience.

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