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Butchers Packaging

Packaging Solutions for Every Butchery Need

Quality Meets Style in Exim’s Packaging Range

At Exim, we understand that the right packaging makes all the difference. Our comprehensive range of packaging solutions is designed to cater to the needs of butcheries and food service businesses. From keeping products fresh and safe to enhancing their shelf appeal, we’ve got everything you need to package your products with confidence and style.

Vac Bags: See the Quality Inside

Our selection of vacuum bags, available in various sizes and styles including clear, black, gold, and silver, ensures your meats are not just protected, but also presented attractively.

Overhead view of vacuum packed crab meat

Cello Disks for Patties: Quality in Every Layer

Exim’s cello disks for burger patties are a mark of professionalism. These disks ensure that your patties are easy to handle, maintain their shape, and look appealing to your customers.

burger meat on white background

Film Wrapping: Versatile and Efficient

Our film options, including easy wrap and machine wrap, are ideal for different packing needs, ensuring efficiency and consistency in food wrapping.

Confectionery factory employee wrapping box into packaging film

Meat Netting: Secure with Precision

From securing roasts to shaping sausages, our diverse range of netting caters to all your butchery needs, ensuring meats maintain their form during cooking and presentation.

Fresh Roast of Veal

Foam Trays: Diverse Sizes for All Needs

Our foam trays and foam containers, available in various sizes, are ideal for meat and fast food, providing an excellent base for both presentation and protection.

Raw chicken breast fillet on a food tray.

Elevating Your Product Presentation

Discover our range of packaging options at Exim. From maintaining freshness to boosting shelf appeal, we provide packaging solutions that enhance the value of your products.

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