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Meat Trays and Hooks

Quality Solutions for Meat Preparation and Display

Meet Your Meat Prep Needs with Exim

At Exim, we understand the diverse needs of a modern South African butchery. Our selection of meat trays and hooks is crafted to support all aspects of meat handling – from showcasing your products to facilitating essential processes like drying, aging, and curing. These tools are essential for maintaining both quality and hygiene in your butchery.

Durable Meat Trays for Every Application

Choose from our range of robust styrofoam and other meat trays. Designed for versatility, they are perfect for an attractive display, aging, or curing meats. Available in multiple sizes, they cater to various cuts and quantities, ensuring freshness and hygiene.

Butcher with tray of sausages

Stainless Steel Meat Hooks: Reliable and Sturdy

Our high-quality stainless steel meat hooks are indispensable for efficient handling and curing. They are ideal for hanging meats during drying and aging processes, ensuring that your products retain their shape and quality throughout.

Butcher inspecting meat

Enhance Your Butchery Operations with Exim

Explore our full range of butchery essentials designed to streamline your operations and showcase your meat products at their best.

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