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Butcher Ingredients

Enhance Meat with Exquisite Flavours

The Heart of Flavourful Butchery

Our extensive range of wholesale butcher ingredients is carefully selected to empower butchers and and culinary enthusiasts, helping them craft exceptional meat products and dishes that captivate customers with their rich tastes and aromas.

Sauces & Marinades: A Spectrum of Tastes

Our diverse collection of sauces and marinades, from tangy BBQ to fiery peri peri, offers versatility to enrich any meat. These blends transform ordinary cuts into extraordinary culinary delights.

Marinated chicken wings

Wors Sauce: A South African Braai Classic

Our Wors Sauce, is a 2-in-1 product that replaces vinegar and worcester sauce. By adding an umami flavour, improves colour and extends shelf life, and avoids “burning” your products and greying the meat.

White and Brown Vinegar: Versatility in Flavour

Our white and brown vinegars are ideal for pickling, marinades, or adding a zesty touch to a variety of products, showcasing their culinary flexibility.

Bottles with different kinds of vinegar

Other Ingredients: Expanding Culinary Horizons

Discover our range of soya products and tapioca starch, offering new textures and flavours to elevate and bulk up meat products in a unique and innovative manner.

Cereals and flours coarse, corn flour, buckwheat flour, chickpeas flour over gray stone background.

Explore and Transform with Exim’s Ingredients

Experience convenient online selection and ordering of top-quality butcher ingredients. At Exim, we merge convenience with quality, offering competitive wholesale prices and reliable delivery across South Africa. Enhance your butchery’s offerings or explore new culinary techniques; our ingredients are your resource for exceptional flavour and quality.

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