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Improving The Flavour Of Your Meat And Biltong


Benefits Of Using Exim Wors Sauce

  • 2 in 1 product- replaces vinegar and worcester
  • Enhances taste of meat products with a savoury, umami flavour
  • Improves shelf life of meat products
  • Unlike vinegar and worcester, Wors Sauce does not “burn” the meat. It has a higher pH which will assist in the prevention of “burning” and discolouration of the end product
  • Imparts lighter colour than worcester sauce thus offering an improved end product colour
  • Reduces the “peeling off” of collagen casings after drying has taken place in droëwors

How To Use Exim Wors Sauce

Replace All Worcester Sauce and Vinegar directly with Wors Sauce or replace two litres of water from the meat block directly with two litres of Wors Sauce

Suitable for boerewors, braaiwors, sausages, burgers, droëwors and biltong

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