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How To Make Venison Biltong


1kg Venison (Preferably with a good fat layer)

100ml Exim Wors Sauce

60g Exim Chilli Bite Biltong Spice

  • Slice the meat into strips about 2cm wide (Slice against the grain of the meat)
  • Marinade the meat in the wors sauce for 5-10minutes.
  • Shake off excess moisture and rub the strips with the Exim Chilli Bite Biltong Spice.
  • You are now ready to hang your biltong.
  • Biltong needs good airflow. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need heat and can be made in chilled conditions. When light bulbs are used for heat, it is more to enhance the air circulation as the hot air rises but with a good fan system, it’s not needed.
  • Just also be aware that too much heat and or airflow will dry the outside too quickly and a hard outer crust will prevent even drying and reduce the quality of your end product.
  • A slow dry is best, but the readiness of the biltong will be down to personal taste, some prefer wet biltong and some a drier product. You can assess how far along the biltong is by gently squeezing the sides. The firmer it is, the drier it is.
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