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Big Five Machinery and Equipment

Meet Our Big Five

Strong & Durable - Just Like Africa

Power and strength have long been an important part of African Culture and that’s why we customise our machines for the African conditions.

Exim Big Five has an extensive collection of machinery to meet all your requirements. Our products are procured through leading international and local manufacturers. Our key selling point is that our Machinery Division team work closely with our suppliers to custom design the machinery to our unique specifications; ensuring a high quality end product.

We also offer equipment accessories and attachments such as mincer knives and plates, nozzles, meat hooks and machine spares.

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BF300A Slicer


STL450 Wrapper Sealer


STL400 Heat Sealer


STL300 Heat Sealer


STL510 Vacuum Machine


STL400 Vacuum Machine


STL210 Vacuum Machine


AGT10 Filler


Bite Force Series

Powerful tools for cutting, slicing, and mincing.
Includes robust bandsaws, mincers, cutters, and slicers.

Stamina Series

Durable mixers and tumblers for consistent blending and mixing.
Reliable for a uniform mix of seasoning to meat.

Agility Series

Efficient fillers for sausage making and patty forming.
Features hand fillers, electric fillers, and patty formers for agile operations.

Ferocity Series

Superior machines for cooking, drying, and curing.
Economical yet effective cookers and dryers.rappers, and a dip tank.

Stealth Series

Sturdy, quiet, and efficient packaging machines.
Offers a range of vacuum machines, sealers, wrappers, and a dip tank.

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At Exim’s online store, we equip your operation with premium machinery built for African demands.