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Improving The Flavour Of Your Meat And Biltong

Meat And Biltong

Benefits Of Using Exim Wors Sauce How To Use Exim Wors Sauce Replace All Worcester Sauce and Vinegar directly with Wors Sauce or replace two litres of water from the meat block directly with two litres of Wors Sauce Suitable for boerewors, braaiwors, sausages, burgers, droƫwors and biltong

South African Meatballs

In celebrating International Meatball day on 9 March, it was only right that Meatballs were the feature product in March. A most versatile product as they can be made from any ground meat, combined with egg and breadcrumbs and shaped in to a ball. Can be eaten as snacks with a dip, added to a […]