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The Butcher’s Easy Choice

We offer a wide selection of top-selling spice packs, perfectly tailored for fresh meat products. These packs cover a diverse range of flavours and colours, ensuring you have something for everyone’s taste buds.

Most variants can be used to make a few different products, enabling you to keep new and interesting products on your shelf without having to increase your inventory.

Retail labels

We’ve created beautiful retail labels with roll quantities that match the average packing yield of the bale of spice.


In the fast-paced world of butcheries, efficiency is key. Grill Club makes this easy. Our straight-weight meatblocks and multi-use spice mixes reduce prep time and simplify the process.

Enhancing Meat Flavours with Expertise

Choose Exim for your butchery, deli, or culinary establishment. Our speciality spice blends are not just about adding taste; they’re about enriching the entire culinary experience. Suitable for an array of meat preparations, our spices are versatile, high-quality, and packed with flavours that resonate with the South African palate.

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